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Why TaxACT State?

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  • Save time & reduce errors (your federal info transfers into your state return)
  • Accuracy guaranteed
  • Includes necessary forms & schedules
  • Accounts for the latest tax law changes in your state
  • One of the most affordable state products available
  • Option to pay with your refund

Included State Tax Forms & Schedules:

2012 Forms & Schedules supported by TaxACT

Form 1Wisconsin Income Tax
Form 1NPRNonresident & part-year resident
Form 1AWisconsin Income Tax
Form 1-ESWisconsin Extension Payment Voucher
Form 1XWisconsin Income Tax - Amended Return
Form 827Legal Residence (Domicile) Questionnaire
Form WI-ZWisconsin Income Tax
WI-1-ESEstimated Tax Worksheet
Form EPVWisconsin Electronic Payment Voucher
Form EIC-AEarned Income Credit - Information
Form W-RARequired Attachments for Electronic Filing
Rent CertificateRent Certificate
Property Tax / Sale of HomeProperty Tax / Sale of Home Information
Schedule 1Itemized Deduction Credit
Schedule 2Married Couple Credit When Both Spouses Are Employed
Schedule 2440WDisability Income Exclusion
Schedule CGIncome Tax Deferral of Long-Term Capital Gain
Schedule CMCommunity Rehabilitation Program Credit
Schedule CROther Credits
Schedule DCWisconsin Development Zones Credit
Schedule DIWisconsin Dairy and Livestock Farm Investment Credit
Schedule DMDairy Manufacturing Facility Investment Credit
Schedule EBEthanol and Biodiesel Fuel Pump Credit
Schedule ECEnterprise Zone Jobs Credit
Schedule EDWisconsin Economic Development Tax Credit
Schedule EDSEconomic Development Surcharge
Schedule FCFarmland Preservation Tax Credit Claim
Schedule FC-AFarmland Preservation Credit
Schedule FLBeginning Farmer and Farm Asset Owner Credit
Schedule FPFilm Production Credits
Schedule FWFood Processing Plant and Food Warehouse Investment Credit
Schedule HWisconsin Homestead Credit Claim
Schedule H ChecklistHomestead Credit Notes and Attachments Checklist
Schedule HRWisconsin Historic Rehabilitation Credits
Schedule IAdjustments to Convert Federal AGI and Itemized Deductions
Schedule IEInternet Equipment Credit
Schedule JCJob Creation Deduction
Schedule JTWisconsin Jobs Tax Credit
Schedule MIManufacturing Investment Credit
Schedule MPMeat Processing Facility Investment Credit
Schedule MSManufacturer's Sales Tax Credit Carryforward
Schedule MTWisconsin Alternative Minimum Tax
Schedule OSCredit for Net Tax Paid to Another State
Schedule PEPostsecondary Education Credit
Schedule RBRelocated Business Credit or Deduction
Schedule RTRelated Entity Expenses Disclosure Statement
Schedule TTransitional Adjustments
Schedule TCWisconsin Technology Zone Credit
Schedule UUnderpayment of Estimated Tax
Schedule VCWisconsin Venture Capital Credit
Schedule WBWoody Biomass Harvesting and Processing Credit
Schedule WCWater Consumption Credit
Schedule WDCapital Gains and Losses

2012 Worksheets supported by TaxACT

Form 1 Additions WorksheetAdditions to Income
Form 1 Subtractions WorksheetSubtractions from Income
Form 1 Adoption Subtraction WorksheetAdoption Expenses
Form 1 Retirement Income Subtraction and Exclusion WorksheetRetirement Income
Form 1 (1NPR) Unemployment Compensation WorksheetUnemployment Compensation
Form 1 (1NPR) Medical Care Insurance WorksheetMedical Care Insurance Subtraction
Form 1 (1NPR) Long Term Care Insurance WorksheetLong Term Care Insurance Subtraction
Form 1 (1NPR) Tuition Expense WorksheetTuition Expense
Form 1 (1NPR) Dependent's Standard Deduction WorksheetDependent's Standard Deduction
Form 1 (1NPR) Contribution Limitation WorksheetContribution Limitation
Form 1NPR, Line 1 WorksheetWages, salaries, tips, etc.
Form 1NPR, Lines 2 and 3 WorksheetInterest and Dividends
Form 1NPR, Lines 9 and 10 WorksheetIRA Distributions, Pensions, and Annuities
Form 1NPR, Line 15 WorksheetOther Income
Form 1NPR, Lines 21, 22, and 26 WorksheetSE Tax, SE Plans, and IRA Deduction
Form 1NPR, Line 30 WorksheetOther Adjustments
Form 1NPR, Schedule 2 WorksheetMarried Couple Credit
Schedule H WorksheetOwned Property Tax Calculation
Schedule I WorksheetOther Adjustments
Schedule MT WorksheetSupporting Worksheets
Schedule OS WorksheetInput Worksheet
Schedule U WorksheetUnderpayment Penalty Calculation
Schedule WD WorksheetCapital Gain Transactions
Schedule WD WorksheetAttached Statement
Schedule WD WorksheetSupplemental Information
Special Conditions WorksheetSpecial Conditions
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