Complete Your Alabama Tax Return in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Complete your Free Federal return
  2. Add state return for a low price* - your federal info will transfer to state
  3. Answer a few state questions and print or e-file

Why TaxACT State?

Guaranteed Accurate
  • Save time & reduce errors (your federal info transfers into your state return)
  • Accuracy guaranteed
  • Includes necessary forms & schedules
  • Accounts for the latest tax law changes in your state
  • One of the most affordable state products available
  • Option to pay with your refund

Included State Tax Forms & Schedules:

2012 Forms & Schedules supported by TaxACT

Form 40Alabama Individual Income Tax Return
Form 40 - Part IOther Income
Form 40 - Part IIAdjustments to Income
Form 40 - Part IIIDependents
Form 40 - Parts IV and VGeneral Information and Direct Deposit
Form 40NRAlabama Individual Nonresident Income Tax Return
Form 40NR Part IOther Income
Form 40NR Part II and IIIAdjustments to Income
Form 40NR Part IVFederal Income Tax Deduction
Form 40NR Part V and VIDependents and General Information
Form 40ESEstimated Tax
Form 40-VTax Payment Voucher
Form 40XAmended Alabama Individual Income Tax Return
Schedule AItemized Deductions (Form 40 and 40NR)
Schedule BInterest and Dividend Income (Form 40 and 40NR)
Schedule CRCredit for Taxes Paid to Other States
Schedule DCDonation Check-Offs
Schedule DProfit from Sale of Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, etc. (Form 40 and 40NR)
Schedule E - Part ISupplemental Income and Loss (Form 40 and 40NR)
Schedule E - Part IIIncome from Partnerships, S Corporations, Estates, and Trusts (Form 40 and 40NR)
Schedule OCOther Available Credits
Form 2210ALEstimated Tax Penalties for Individuals
Form 2210AL, Schedule AIAnnualized Income Installment Method
Form 4952AInvestment Interest Expense
Form NOL-85Computation of Net Operating Loss
Form NOL-85ANet Operating Loss Carryback or Carryforward
Form AL8453OLIndividual Income Tax Declaration for On-Line Filing
Form AL8453Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing

2012 Worksheets supported by TaxACT

Form 40 and 40NRAdditional Dependents Worksheet
Form 40 and 40NRAdditional Wages Worksheet
Schedule AContribution Limitation Worksheet
Schedule AAdditional Itemized Deductions
Schedule BAdditional Interest Attachment
Schedule BAdditional Dividend Attachment
Schedule E Part IIK-1 Worksheet
Form 40 and 40NROther Income Worksheet
Form 40IRA Deduction Worksheet
Form 40Roth IRA Worksheet
Form 40Use Tax Worksheet
Form 40Partially Taxable IRA/Pension Distributions
Form NOL-85ARecalculated Itemized Deductions
Form NOL-85ARecalculated Contribution Limitation Worksheet
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* TaxACT Online 2012 Federal Free Edition + TaxACT Online 2012 State = pay $17.95 when you file or print.